Production Process

MB3, a tannery specialized in the production of split cow hides with a polyurethane coating, has always used Levacast ® from Bayer AG (now Lanxess) to ensure the quality and long-term stability of the products it employs.

However, it has also added other articles to its original line: these products, all made from calf splits, include laminates, suede splits, and patent finishes, rounding out the selection for its customers while always offering a finely-crafted, reliable product, the result of a constantly monitored production line that received ISO 9002 certification in 1999.

 The entire production process, from the wet blue all the way through delivery, is carried out in-house at the company’s two plants, applying painstaking care in both selection of hides and preparation of the semi-finished surface, with standards and methods tailored to the final product that the client has requested.