In recent years, the company has focused increasing attention on polyurethane-finished splits, from the selection of raw materials all the way to retanning and dyeing, using specific products for different final applications so that the leather can be easily employed by the end user.

 The final finishing is performed with extremely high-tech systems and machinery, constantly monitored in order to optimize the use of Levacast ® products and obtain a final product that is versatile and reliable from every standpoint. Rather than just following trends in fashion, the company stays one step ahead of them, with an extremely flexible product that can be adapted to various needs, including every traditional processing technique used for leather.

A special finishing treatment that applies a thin coat of polyurethane to the splits always ensures optimal quality with no flaws or scratches, so the end producer’s yield is always higher than with any other kind of leather; this finish facilitates cutting at both small-scale and industrial levels of production.

 Moreover, it creates an exceptional feel without sacrificing high strength and performance, since it is not only water-repellent but highly resistant to light, creasing, stitching, tearing, and finish adhesion, while it is also well-suited to both printing and silkscreening.